The Core of Stress of High School Student

About a week ago, I talked to my mom’s friend about my future. I told her that I’ve always wanted to be a doctor because science fascinated me and I have a niche for helping people. Once I said that, the first thing she asked for was my grade point average and SAT score. This made me a bit sad. I realized that the college admittance board will probably only see the things that my mom’s friends wanted to see. I began to worry that all my hard work with be simplified into a list of numbers on a piece of paper. I stresses about the idea that the college admittance board will never know about my passion or drive towards becoming a doctor, all they will see is numbers on a piece of paper. My personality, achievements, and unique qualities that make me who I am will be summed up by a numbers on a piece of paper.  I began to feel like this gif:


gif by Bridebox Wedding Album

I knew I had to do a bit more research on this and familiarize myself because I didn’t want to panic for the rest of my high school career. According to most colleges that provide a freshman profile, scores and numbers are important. However, I began to notice that personal essays, school involvement, and community involvement were important as well. Then as I research more and more, I realized that race, social class, and more background information about a person could play a huge role in college admittance. This brought a little peace and comfort to my mind because I realized that I had a bit more going for me and my life was hopefully not going to be defined by a single test or a single choice. I further reinforce my research by asking my cousin’s friend who was apart of the admittance board at UCI. She explained to me that there are a lot of variables that considered when a student is being considered for a school and all schools considered and value different aspects of a student. This was extremely comforting and concerning because I now knew that colleges look into everything, but my dream college might not value what I do. The stress of a melodramatic high school student just never seems to end.features

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