American Dream

In the past, the American dream was a house surrounded by a picket fence with children playing in the front yard. The dream has shifted a bit. It has become a large mansion with an attractive partner. Similar to the shift in the American dream, there has been a shift in the standards of American people. In the article title “Wages rise on California farms. Americans still don’t want the job” by Natalie Kitroeff and Geoffrey Mohan, it is explained that farmers are desperate for workers, even though they have increase their offered salary. The reason is because people think they can get a better offer. This is all very discerning to me. Status has become such a big part of our society. Even when people are desperate for jobs, they still take their perceptive in the eyes of their neighbors in account. I think that it is sad how much we judge people nowadays. I think it has to do with the accessibility we now have to social media, but I might be wrong. It is great that we are expressive, but I don’t think we should be judgmental. american-dream-001


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