Zines on the Scene


Photo by Adam Void

I had never heard of a zine until my English teacher introduced me to them last week. When he asked if anyone know what a zine was, I automatically assumed it was a magazine. However, after watching a wonderful presentation & reading an interesting article titled “I read zines to escape surveillance and clickbait. It’s the new teen rebellion.”, I learned that there was so much more to this scrapbook like paper book. I enjoy the old school secrecy and style of this type of literature. Unlike social media, zines are private and can be hidden under beds. Nowadays kids are doing everything online, nothing done for personal pleasure anymore. I like the hand make look because it just fits the bill for my aesthetic. In addition, the freedom zines offer is very appealing. Most literature has a structure, which causes a repetition in style in most books. I enjoy the freedom and artistic license the zine allows.


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