Our Precedent



The article “Spelling’s not for everyone, Mr. Precedent” by Allan Fallow, describes President Trump and his cabinet’s inability to spell; along with suggestions on how to fix this issue. A country’s president is meant to reflect the country as a whole. If the President of the United States cannot spell something from a second grader’s spelling bee list, what does that say about the United States? If our Department of Education cannot spell a philosopher’s name and the word “apologies” correctly, what does that say about our education system? I think that this whole issue means that we need start taking some time to reevaluate our decision before we put them into action. I will not criticize Precedent Trump’s inability to spell because I suppose that is not his job, but I will criticize his choice of cabinet. The Department of Education is meant to lead students to a bright future filled with knowledge. If they cannot lead us past second grade spelling and sixth grade history, I think we have an issue that needs to be fixed. Maybe President Trump should’ve took more time and more carefully evaluated his staff before he put them into a position that affects millions of lives.

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