I noticed that I most often base my blog post off of a question. I think that I most often write about questions because I am generally a very curious person. I have questions about everything because I find the world & everything in it quite confusing. There are so many questions that  I see everyday that does not include an answers. When something is incomplete, it annoys me. Therefore, I pose a question, so someone can see the issue and fill in the blank. The world is a mystery and I feel like it’s a human’s job to solve this mystery. Also, I am still young. It is normal that I do not completely understand the working of the world. I think I ask a lot of questions to figure things out for myself. By posing questions and giving input to what the answer might be, I somewhat act as an adult that needs to solve their own issues in life. In addition, pondering is a fun activity because one thing leads to another. Answers are satisfying whether they be good or bad. Pondering leads to answers. Therefore I question a lot of things so I can ponder.

There is really no one prominent thing that I talk about most. It is probably because I think about a lot of things throughout my day. Everyday, even every minute, of my life is different from the last. As my life continues to shift, so do my thought. Out of all the things I talk about, I talk about love the most. The love that I talk about isn’t usually the type of love between two love struck teenagers. The love I talk about is usually based off the people and things I love, such as my friends, family, sport,etc. I love a lot of things because for the most part, I have a great life. Life gives me a lot of things to be grateful for and this blog allows me the opportunity to show it to the world.

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