Religious Obligations


I hope I am not crucified for posting this. This week I am going on a retreat with my church, it is a requirement to pass Confirmation class. Normally, I’d be extremely excited for such trip because they are always fun and full of love. However, this particular retreat was one that I dreaded. Why? Because of the timing of it all. Let me explain. This week, I have several tests and projects that are due on Friday. However, I cannot come to class because I have a retreat. Therefore, I have to put off my scholastic duties to go on this retreat. Although I can make up all my work when I come back, it will be difficult to catch up because my whole weekend is packed up  and I will be in a place with no internet access or electronics. Sometimes I wonder if I should put my scholastic duties ahead of my religious duties. I know that is not the right mentality, but it is difficult for people of a different religion to understand why I do what I do. I love and am proud of my religion, but sometimes it can be a hassle. Sometimes it is hard to make decisions because I don’t know what to base it off of.

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