What if?

“What and if are two seemingly harmless words. However, when they are put together, they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life.” I believe I heard this phrase in a movie a while ago. The title of the movie didn’t stick with me, but this phrase vaguely did. This phrase is actually quite confusing to me because once you’ve done something, don’t you wonder “what if I hadn’t done that” or “what if I had just left everything alone”? If the act of bravery that you commit turns out bad, don’t you just end up wondering what if? This is a very pessimistic view on decision making, but I have often found myself wondering “what if”. In my opinion, everyone has made mistakes in their lives. Life is not meant to be perfect. Therefore, “what if” is inevitable. However, the phrase “what if” is not necessarily a bad thought to thinkwhat-if1. It allows a person to continue to wonder and think. It allows the human brain to learn to be creative and has allowed many beloved writers to write timeless stories. Maybe “what if” is the question we should always be asking rather than fearing.

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