Photo by: Healthy Ottawa

Earlier this week, I saw a Ted Talk by Peter Gray. He presents research to the audience which showed as  play decreased, mental diseases (anxiety & depression) increased. He explains to the audience that “play” is when children are allowed to have uncontrolled and unregulated fun. This made me think. Was technology included in the category of play? Nowadays, many children would rather go on their iPad rather than going out on their bikes. In this 20th century, where entertainment is often found on the internet, has play taken on a new meaning? If you want my two cents, no I don’t think play has taken on a new meaning. I believe that technology is not considered play because it is not something a human would innately do. A human baby can learn to crawl and eventually walk on its own, but it will not play with an iPad unless it is introduced to it. Technology and play are both forms of entertainment, but they are not the same thing.

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