Test of Time

12376243_824804657641600_2258888409409415078_nRecently, I was looking for a portable charger to invest in because my phone always dies. This led me to wonder how one knows something is reliable. Is there a test one can do? I suppose you could throw an item to test its water resistance or hit it with a hammer to test its strength. However, how do you test its reliable? While I was pondering this question, I was talking with my grandparents, who’ve been married for over 50 years, about their marriage. I asked my grandma how she knew that she could trust my grandpa to stay with her when things got rough during the Vietnam War. She told me that after all the years they’ve been married, her trust for him developed. This made me realize that you can learn if something is reliable by sticking with it because only time can tell how reliable something or someone is. If in the near future, it breaks then you have learned it is not reliable. However, if the the thing lasts for a long period of time, then you know it was reliable and you were right to trust it. I think that you can never really know if something is reliable, until you have given it the test of time.

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