Are Sharks the Real Ocean Danger?


Photographed by: Dale Cullen

When I was young, my mom warned me: if I went out deep into the ocean, I’d be eaten by a shark. This led me to have a bit of interest in sharks growing up. I didn’t have an obsession with them, but they did interested me a lot. Now, something many people don’t realize is sharks don’t eat people. They have a preference, seals. Humans only get BITTEN (not eaten) by sharks because they resemble a seal while on surfboards, trigger the sharks by bleeding, or motivate the shark in someway.  Sharks are basically equal opportunist killers compared to other sea creatures, yet we always try to make them leave our part of the ocean. Animals such as the Orca or Killer Whale are more detrimental to our oceans, but we get excited when they come close to our shores. Killer Whales given their name for a reason and the reason is they kill! Did you know that Killer Whales sometimes just kill sharks because they can. They have no purpose in killing them, they just do. Also, Killer Whales are part of the reason narwhals are going extinct. Despite all these things the Killer Whales do, we still marvel at them when they come to our shores. Don’t get me wrong, we shouldn’t welcome sharks to our shores because they are dangerous to us, but we shouldn’t demonize them. Sharks do not seem to do things with ill-intention from what we know.

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