Technology Generation

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a person who doesn’t own a cellphone. That’s because we live in an extremely technology saturated society. This fact has its benefits, but it also has its faults. One of the faults of technology is it has exposed how much our society has regressed. Since this generation relies on the internet for entertainment, education, and many other services, we have learned to trust its knowledge and information. Our society has regressed because we now believe a majority of what we read on the internet, even though we are taught not to.  Our naivety towards the internet shows that we have regressed to mindlessly listening to a machine without question. We will never progress unless we continue to question things and nurture our brain by figuring it out on our own. Our generation could end up leading a life of a lie due to a faulty bit of information from the internet if we continue to trust it so carelessly and easily. It used to be a known fact that not all the information and pictures on the internet are real. However, nowadays, people don’t even try to fact check things they read on a sponsored website anymore. Depending on technology isn’t progression. It is regression.g7q8r

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