Young and Clueless


Recently, I watched the Crucible in my AP Language class and it angered me. Well, not the movie itself, but the main characters, more specifically Abigail Williams. I thought that I had never witnessed acts of such wickedness and selfishness in my life. However, as my anger began to simmer, I noticed that today’s youth acts in a similar way as Abigail did. Yes, we do it in a much less extreme scale, but we do it nevertheless. Girls nowadays do hateful things to each other over a boy who they believe they are in love with. Similar to the way Abigail tried to kill John Proctor’s wife because she thought she loved him. However, in both scenarios, they really don’t know what love is because they are so young and they have not been with the boy/man enough to determine their feelings. Also, I noticed that today’s youth doesn’t take into consideration the damage they can cause when they are on an anger driven rampage. Similar to Abigail, she took none of the live that would be taken under consideration when she claimed to have seen the witches. Finally, today’s youth seems to not see the true value of friendship, which is similar to Abigail because she almost got her friend killed when he friend decided to expose her. I guess this means that today’s youth has not progressed all that much because we are still as petty as we were during the Salem Witch Trials. However, we are lucky that we have a progressed court system that prevents most accidents from occurring.

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