Interview with my mother


Photo by Amy Tran

This photo above is of my lovely mother. Over Thanksgiving break, I interviewed her for an English assignment. Little did I know how eye opening that interview would be. Generally, I take my mom for granted. I don’t tell her how much I love and appreciate her often enough. I realized this before this interview had taken place, but the interview gave me more reasons to love and appreciate my mom. In the interview, I asked my mom about her childhood and school life. She told me about how great and exciting it was. She told me stories about the mischief that she would get into and the innocent chaos that she would rise. Based on all the stories, she had quite a happy life till she left to America. However, I realized how much of the horror in her life that she left out. For example, she didn’t mention the communists that took over  her father’s company, nor did she tell me that she had to bike over 50 miles in the morning to deliver food. This is one for the many reasons I love and appreciate my mother. Despite how old I get, she will always try to protect me from the bad of the world. This woman has had so much taken away from her, yet still smiles and laughs everyday. She is seemingly humble about how brilliant and hilarious is. It might be because she doesn’t realize it, but all those around her notice the happy aura that she brings into a room. She protects everyone around her and tries to help anyone in need. Although she has her flaws, she is honestly the closest thing to perfect, in my opinion.

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