President Trump?

Donald Trump

Photo by Raw Story

Two days before the election, my class read an article that depicted how the person who loses the Presidential election should react. Although the author didn’t directly say that Donald Trump would be the sore loser of the this presidential election,  he revealed his opinion through this quote: “Each candidate has declared the other unfit for office and Donald Trump has suggested he may not accept the vote tally unless he wins.” This quote shows that the author is worried that Donald Trump will divide the country due to his poor sportsmanship. This author is one of the many who wrongly predicted the fate of the presidential election. Now that we know the result of the presidential election, I, among many other Americans, am left wondering how Donald Trump won the election if so many people were against him. The author had reasoning behind belief that Donald Trump would lose. Trump said some extremely radical things that frightened many American and shook the globe. No one thought that Trump would be our president one day, yet he will be. I believe that this outcome occurred because America is not ready for this much progress. For the last eight years, American has had an African American president. Barack Obama made some good changes and some bad changes to our nation. However, I think the biggest and greatest change that he made was the change in the social stigma that African Americans are not as smart or respectable as Caucasians. He show the world that the minorities are just as good as the Caucasian majority. If Hillary Clinton were to become the next president of the United States, she would have also made a similar important change. She would have proved that women are just as fit to president as men. She would have been living proof that gender equality is real. However, I don’t think America was ready for that. America wasn’t ready to change from their old ways yet. They needed the change to happen at a slower pace and not all at once. I guess, in a sense, that need is understandable for the older generation who have believed that women are less for many centuries. However, as an Asian American girl, I don’t think its right to sacrifice the opportunities of women for the comfort of men.

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