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Photo by DC College Counseling

This past Saturday, I took the dreaded SAT. I sat in a room for 5 hours taking a test that will basically determine my future. After taking the test, I was exhausted. All those hours of studying led up to this one test that could make or break me. The pressure of the outcome  led me to wonder what the SAT showed the college board. Typically, when I pose a question, I have a vague idea of what the answer is, but this time, I’m stumped. I really don’t know what the admissions board learns about me through my SAT. I guess they could learn that I am a decent standardized test taker, but does that really show who I am and the extent of my abilities. In my opinion, I am more than my SAT score. However, I believe in our college admission’s process. Therefore, I believe there is a greater purpose for the SAT. If anyone knows what it is, please comment.

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