Pre-Christmas Spirit (I’m sorry Thanksgiving!)

Image result for thanksgiving vs christmas

Photo by Holistic Health

I have high on Pre-Christmas Spirit! I love Christmas more than any other holiday. I don’t think it’s possible for a person to hate Christmas. And, in case there is a person out there who does hate Christmas, if Scrooge can get over his hatred for Christmas, you can too! As I go out to succumb my Christmas desires by buying my Christmas decorations and hot chocolate, I notice all the Thanksgiving decorations still on sale. Then, I realize that Thanksgiving Day hasn’t even passed yet. I feel bad for the Thanksgiving Day because of how neglected it is. Everyone seems to focus on Halloween and Christmas, so they forget about Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Thanksgiving. I actually love Thanksgiving day because I get to be surrounded by family and I also get the opportunity to tell all my loved ones how important they are to me. However, Thanksgiving doesn’t have much to prepare for. All one needs is good food and loved ones. I think that is the reason Thanksgiving is neglected; at least that is why I neglect it.

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