Trick or Treat


Today, I was talking to my friends about going trick or treating. Since I missed out on this festive activity for the past two years, due to the Bell Game and a church retreat, I really wanted to go trick or treating. When we were talking about it, one of my friends said something that got me thinking. He said that we were too old to go trick or treating. This made me wonder if trick or treating was associated with youth. Also, if there is, when the appropriate time to stop trick or treating was. In my opinion, trick or treating is, indeed, associated with youth because the trick or treater is the role of the child as the candy giver is the role of the adult. This means that at some point, the cycle has to go around and the child will have to become the adult and give out candy instead or receiving it. However, I don’t believe that I am too old to trick or treat because I haven’t began making decisions that will define the rest of my adult life nor have I began to make money. I feel that once I get out of high school and begin making big decisions as a adult is when I should stop trick or treating. The reason is at that time, my adult life will have officially begun and I need to take my role ad a candy giver. Also, at this time, I will need to begin thinking about making a living and supporting myself. Therefore, I would no longer need to go out and ask for candy, rather I can go out and buy my own candy.

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