Yesterday, I went to homecoming with my absolutely stunning friends. It was such a memorable experience and even better than I expected. Due to my experience at homecoming, I began to wonder why people decide not to go to homecoming. One of the obvious reasons would be money, but what are other reasons? I asked a friend of mine this question and he said it was because he didn’t have a date. I asked him why that was an issue and he said he didn’t really know. I don’t think a lack of a date is an issue when it concerns homecoming. Yes, having a date at homecoming makes things a bit more fun, but the fun is still there when a person goes stag. For example, my friend that is in the middle of the picture when without a date to homecoming. He said he had an amazing night at homecoming and doesn’t regret going. I think that as high school students, we’ve come up with this strange idea that dances will not be fun without dates, but I believe that is completely invalid. I think that people should make their own fun, rather than depending on others to control their fun.

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